Hvar lavender among the Alp flowers

Hvar lavender found its way to the International conference on wildflowers held in Bohinje as a part of the international festival of Alp flowers, taking place from May 19th to June 2nd.

Adela Golub from the Local action group of the island of Hvar held a panel about Hvar lavender, history, role in the life of the island as well as economical and touristic potentials. Within the event there was also the screening of a film about this Hvar treasure. The Festival of Alp flowers in Bohinje is only a part of the international program SLOW TOURISM conducted by Slovenia and Italy since 2007 which is subsidized by the European fund for regional development until 2013. According to Adela Golub it is very well organized with a large number of workshops, expert lectures, thematic botanist and ornithological excursions as well as other accompanying events.

By the way, the mayor of Stari Grad Đurđica Plančić and the director of a public institution Agency for the management of Stari Grad field Frančesko Duboković were also visitors in Bohinje as partners in the FLOWER project which Stari Grad will be conducting for the next two years with support from the EU (together with partners from Great Britain, Romania and Slovenia). The delegation from Stari Grad agreed on presenting Stari Grad with the Bohinje town fathers in this natural reservation in the foothills of Triglav which has put the emphasis on sustainable development and preservation of the biological diversity in their tourism story.


For OH: Katija Vučetić

Photos: Jakša Kuzmičić- FOTO FOR


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