Association DALMATICA VIVA - Hvar

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DALMATICA VIVA - Center for Sustainable Development of Dalmatia


Vinka Pribojevića 12 A, 21450 Hvar

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+385 21 741 133


Center for Sustainable Development


DALMATICA VIVA (short name) is a nongovernmental, non-partisan, non-profit and voluntary organization of citizens whose principal activity is sustainable regional development.

Logotip - About UsOur goal is to develop good policy management in Dalmatia, strengthen the role of the islands, sustainable development in economic, social and environmental terms: nature conservation and environmental protection, sustainable tourism, promotion of renewable sources of energy and acceptable management of natural resources by applying the principles of sustainable development.

Sustainable development is the mission of the DALMATICA VIVA. Main activities through which we will work towards the fulfillment of our goals are promotion and creation of sustainable forms of tourism as well as eco-tourism through quality management of cultural and natural heritage, environmental protection and promotion of renewable sources of energy. Creation of sustainable economic projects and initiatives, design of development solutions that include rational energy consumption and clean, renewable energy resources are also the focus of our activities.

We will monitor and promote European policy in the field of regional development, tourism and environmental protection that we will regularly inform about.  

This development can not develop without analyzing vital issues at the local and regional level, raising awareness and problem solving orientation. We also believe that in this segment, it is necessary to create long-term dialogue taking into account that the whole Croatia is a country with GDP lower than 75% of the EU average and it is faced with structural problems, which will, when becoming a member, placed it in a group of beneficiaries of the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund.

In this regard it is important to raise the absorption capacity of the Counties so that the regional development could become reality.

All our activities are related to promotion and creation of partnership between public, private and civil sector which is necessary prerequisite for achievement of positive results and particularly significant for regional and local level.

Although we act on the whole Croatian territory, in our focus are islands and underdeveloped, rural areas in Dalmatia. Considering that urban areas are certainly key driving factors, they should take a leading role in creating of good public policy especially because of the present fragmented structure of the counties.


Statute of association DALMATICA VIVA – Center for Sustainable Development of Dalmatia