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Pjover association


Velo Grablje bb 21450 Hvar

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Official association mobile phone 095 517 92 32


Association for protection and revitalisation of Velo Grablje, Hvar

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''Pjover'' – organization for protection and revitalization of villages Velo Grablje, Hvar was founded May 14th 2006 (registered July 20th 2006). It was created with the goal of protecting the entire area of Velo Grablje, its natural and cultural-historic heritage, restoring tradition and preserving the identity of the village, with the purpose of promoting sustainable development of the island.

The goal of the organization is to continually act to revitalize the village through actions and projects with regards to economical needs and perspectives, and especially of the town of Hvar, since the village is on its immediate area. Special attention is given to anniversaries and publishings of brochures and books directed at the preservation of the village which carefully safeguards the collected pieces of heritage and tradition of our ancestors.

Lots of attention is given also to activities directed at landscaping and decorating the village (looks, cleanliness, maintenance), and maintaining walking paths and scenic routes. These activities and events are aiming to achieve better connection of people with their home land but also to fill the tourism offer. Even the Department of tourism of our prefecture has recognized Velo Grablje as a village of great potential in tourism so for years we have been in the ''eco-etno village'' project and under preventive conservation protection and the Pjover organization constantly participates and stimulates progress in this project. The organization consists of young people with a vision for the future and our past projects and activities confirm we are on the right track...