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Kruvenica - Magazine of St. Stjepan`s parish


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KRUVENICA is the magazine of the parish of St. Stephen I, pope and martyr, and (for now) the only magazine of our town. It is named after the eponymous church in the 15th century which is located on a hill above Hvar. The name of the church derives from the old croatian word horugva, which means banner or a flag. The "Kruvenica" magazine was first published 35 years ago, in 1976. It consisted articles about religion, history and culture of Hvar, poetry, sport and the town chronicle. Unfortunately, this edition was terminated in publishing in 1980. The revival took place in May 2007. The present issue of “Kruvenica” continues the tradition, but tries to keep pace with time and current issues, bringing themes from Hvar's history and heritage, current affairs, interviews, stories, town chronicle, continuous sections, such as agricultural or culinary. "Kruvenica" has four edition per year: at Easter, for Corpus Christi (June), on the feast of St. Stephen ( 2nd of October) and at Christmas. "Kruvenica" tends to be the magazine for everyone who loves Hvar. We strive to accommodate our readers and we are always open for cooperation, as well as suggestions,questions and criticism. We need you, dear readers, so if you think that we can be even better, go ahead!

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