Terms of use

The following terms of use apply to the use of www.otok-hvar.com portal.
We advise that you read these terms prior to the use of the portal. Be warned that by using the portal in any way, you are agreeing to comply with the TOU, all its following changes and modifications.

It is considered that users, by using the services, are at all times aware of the TOU and they have understood it in full.

No part of the portal may be used illegally or to promote illegal activities.


Otok-hvar.com, in good faith, provides the use of the contents on the portal. All visitors are entitled using the otok-hvar.com services for free as long as they are not in violation of the TOU.

Otok-hvar.com portal consists of proprietary content, content provided by partners and advertisers, free services, content created by visitors, and links to third party web sites.

Otok-hvar.com publishes the content in good faith. All the content on otok-hvar.com portal is used at personal responsibility and otok-hvar.com may not be held accountable for and damage or harm caused by its use.

Access to otok-hvar.com and all of its content is allowed to people of all ages, unless indicated otherwise. The 18+ mark means that using the content is allowed exclusively to users above the age of 18.


The entire proprietary content including but not limited to text, visual and audio material, data bases and programming code are the exclusive copyright of otok-hvar.com. Unauthorized use of any part of the portal containing proprietary content is considered an infringement of the otok-hvar.com portal copyright and is liable to legal action. Same policy applies to any content belonging to or posted to otok-hvar.com by partners, advertisers or other users.

All content on otok-hvar.com portal is copyright protected. Altering, borrowing, selling or distributing such content is possible only with prior authorization from otok-hvar.com or the advertisers. In case a user suspects copyright infringement he/she is to report it to otok-hvar.com via the email address info@otok-hvar.com.

The content published on otok-hvar.com may be copied for non commercial purposes only and only for individual use, respecting all authorship and prorietary rights and every other restriction posted with the content in question.

If you believe your copyrights have been infringed on otok-hvar.com please notify us at info@otok-hvar.com.


Otok-hvar.com contains links to web sites outside the portal itself. Otok-hvar.com posts these links in good faith and may not be held accountable for any content outside of the portal. Use the content of the portal at your own risk.


Otok-hvar.com protects the privacy of its users to the highest possible extent.

Otok-hvar.com commits to using any information obtained by the users in good faith during their use of the portal, private information will not be processed or distributed to a third party unless otherwise determined by these rules or with explicit permission from the users.

Otok-hvar.com may, in accordance to the legislation, gather certain information about the users obtained during their use of the portal (exclusively information about the computer and internet provider) or information entered in the process of registration. This data is used by otok-hvar.com to obtain information about the way in which the users use the portal and in that respect additionally improve and adapt the content for the users visiting the portal. On the basis of that information we discover which content is most popular with certain visitors. Gathering information in this or wider form is common and used by famous world web sites.

Otok-hvar.com commits that the gathered information such as e-mail addresses, names and surnames will not be processed or distributed in other purposes besides demographic information for groups of users without explicit permission from the user and without revealing private information.

Otok-hvar.com commits to protecting the privacy of the portal users except in cases of serious violation of the otok-hvar.com portal TOU or illegal activities of users, with compliance to current regulations.


Registering to otok-hvar.com portal the user is required to go through the process of registration, input truthful information and choose the login and password. Registering to the portal you agree to the use of your personal information for the purposes listed in these TOU.

Otok-hvar.com is in no way held accountable for the content published by visitors or it edits or checks the content published by visitors.

Any content published under a certain login is the sole responsibility of the user using it.

Otok-hvar.com will right after receiving information about illegal content remove the user content in question that is not in compliance with current legislation, in accordance with the Bill of electronic trade and other regulations.

Registered users of the portal are required to act accordingly to specific rules for individual parts of the portal.

Otok-hvar.com reserves the right to deny the use of the portal or part of the portal to any user if he/she is found in violation of the rules.

The user is required to promptly report any unauthorized use of his/her account to otok-hvar.com portal. Otok-hvar.com may not be held accountable for unauthorized use of the account or any damage incurred in that way.


Otok-hvar.com enables its visitors the free use of forums CIMA HVAR providing that they are not in violation of the otok-hvar.com portal TOU, or specific rules of the forums and commenting on content (articles).


Otok-hvar.com does not control the content exchanged by the visitors and cannot guarantee the accuracy, origin or the quality of such content.

Otok-hvar.com will in no way be held accountable for the content or damage and loss of content incurred using the services of the otok-hvar.com portal.

In order to ensure free and uninterrupted use of the otok-hvar.com portal, the following actions are unacceptable and highly forbidden:

• publishing, sending and exchanging content which is in violation of Croatian or international laws, content which is insulting, vulgar, racist or chauvinistic or harmful in any other way
• publishing, sending, exchanging content or forwarding content that the visitor knows are false or presumes are false and the use of which might harm other users
• false impersonation, i.e. impersonating a civil or public person
• manipulating identifiers to conceal the origin of the content published or distributed over the services of otok-hvar.com portal
• publishing, sending or exchanging copyright protected content
• publishing, sending or exchanging unwanted content to users without their consent or inquiry such as promotional materials, advertising messages, spam chain emails, promotional or advertising material containing false information, misleading allegations or claims
• intentional publishing, sending and exchanging content containing viruses or similar computer programs or files made for the purpose of destroying or limiting the use of any computer software or hardware and telecommunication equipment
• gathering, storing or publishing personal information of other portal visitors and users

Otok-hvar.com reserves the right to remove any content which is regarded as unsuitable or in violation of these TOU.

Otok-hvar.com is in no way obliged to follow the communication services but nevertheless reserves the right to automatically ban user accounts with no prior notice in case of unauthorized use or violation of these TOU.

By accepting these TOU the user agrees that the portal services will include advertisments and that the service will include various notifications, messages from administrators and similar messages from otok-hvar.com essential for regularly informing the portal visitors and normal functioning of all services and content of the otok-hvar.com portal. Hereby it is considered that the user has agreed to receive such advertisments.

Communication services are offered to users in good faith for free, and otok-hvar.com portal may not be held accountable for any damage incurred by the use of same.


Otok-hvar.com may occasionally send their registered users messages from the otok-hvar.com portal or sponsors. In case the user does not want to receive such notifications he/she can notify otok-hvar.com at info@otok-hvar.com. In case that excluding users from receiving such notifications is not possible for specific reasons their user account will be closed.


Otok-hvar.com reserves the right to change or modify the TOU with no prior notice. Any change will be published at www.otok-hvar.com. Otok-hvar.com may inform the users of important changes or additions to the TOU and/or publishing on the portal and/or via e-mail. By using any content on otok-hvar.com you are considered to be fully informed of the latest rules and regulations.

These rules come in effect on September 1, 2011.