Will the tourist season of 2012 be a record one!?

Restaurant Gariful at the Hvar riva, right next to the popular Carpe Diem is known as one of the leading fish restaurants. Tonight, in the middle of preparations for the formal opening tomorrow, April 2nd, we are witnesses to an interesting occurance.

What happened was that the first guests were served while the sounds of hammering still echoed on the terrace, since new flooring is being placed. Even though the guests were told that the opening isn’t until tomorrow the staff of Gariful had no choice but to serve the guests. They had to exchange their hammers for cooking aprons and prepare a delicious dinner for them.

‘’They insisted so we had to take them’’

The guests were seated in the interior of the restaurant and isolated from all the activities and rushing staff which seem to be in for a photo finish and a long night finishing the work. Of course, our diligent FotoFOR documented it all on camera.

Judging from this, Hvar is in for a good season.

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: FotoFOR


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