Palagruža – Diomedes’ island

Branko Kirigin really needs no special introduction to the people of Hvar: this famous archeologist is so intertwined with the island it would be very difficult to separate the two, even using scientific methods.

Dr. sc. Branko Kirigin, an advisor to the Split Archaeology Museum, is an expert who has been dealing with the archaeological heritage of the Stari Grad Ager since the early 80s. This is where he got his doctor’s title and he is also one of the most deserving for the fact that this locality made it to the UNESCO list of world heritage. He was the leader of an expedition Faros-Paros-Faros which connected the island of Hvar with the Greek island of Paros, and also an important segment of the organization ‘Hvar metropola mora’ (‘Hvar – the sea metropolis) which organized the 1st Hvar Pulena Fest, and much more…

However, it is quite possible that among the numerous texts about research, travel, excavations and organizations you might have missed the fact that there is another island captivating this scientist for decades. Palagruža is one of the mythical places on the Mediterranean and the just published book Palagruža - Diomedes’ island is one of the results of research which has been going on for years about every life form on that island.

‘’For a moment it feels as if we are dealing with an island where everything stands still and in fact it’s crawling with life. Palagruža is a witness to the fact that all the important factors of life are the same today as they were in the Neolithic period: geography, meteorology, location in the Adriatic system, flora, animals, fish in the sea…  Kirigin invites us with this unique book to see things as they really are’’, says among other things in the book sporting 150 graphics, photographs and maps. ‘’The book of modern, casual structure in which the author in a simple and pedantic way tried to present everything that is important and seemingly not important about our most remote island.’’

The book was published by Književni krug (Literary circle) in the series Books of the Mediterranean. Nature, prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern history of our most remote archipelago have been covered in 22 chapters with a wider coverage of the period in which a temple to the Greek hero Diomedes existed on Vela Palagruža.

Until you get your copy of the book about Palagruža read what Branko Kirigin told the journalist Zoran Franičević at the very beginning of his research in an interview published in Globus in 1995.

For OH: Katija Vučetić




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