Lastovo, THE BOAT!

This is the ferry boat holding fond memories for every islander and is still on the list of the most wanted ships to operate on the island route.

Earlier we published a photo story where you could see Lastovo fighting ‘južina’ (south wind).

The commander of m/t Lastovo Milo Sršen sent us a story about this ferry which is still fighting time and proudly resisting waves.

The ship was built in 1969 at the Kurushima Dock Co. Ltd. in Japan under the name of ‘’Ishzuchi’’ and subsequently entered the Jadrolinija fleet in 1978 as ‘’Partizanka’’. It is 72.70 meters long and 13.60 meters wide and can receive about 50 cars, the 3 passenger lounges can receive 600 passengers. Senior sailors under the captain Pasko Nadramija who brought the ship from Japan recount finding old ship logs on board containing information that the ship sailed on the Pacific between the harbours of Yokohama and San Francisco.  Since its arrival it has constantly been sailing in the area surrounding Split, mostly on the line Split-Vela Luka-Ubli (Lastovo) which it why it was originally procured (although in recent years it sails on other lines as needed). It might be interesting to mention that on August 5th 1993, not long from the Ubli harbor (about 1 mile) there was a major fire in engineering but the ship managed somehow to dock at Ubli harbor. After a while the crew with the help of firefighters who were instantly called to the scene managed to put out the fire. Engineering room burned out completely with the engines being totally destroyed. A day later the ship was towed to the Vranjic shipyard where it was inspected by insurance and registry experts as well as inspectors from Jadrolinija. Since the hull wasn’t deformed in any way and the fire was localized to engineering it was decided that it was to be repaired. Engineering room was completely restored and the ship received two new and powerful MAN engines each with 1323 KW (1800 horse power). In test runs it achieved the speed of 18 knots. In 2002, at the Kraljevica shipyard the entire upper deck was replaced with the passenger lounger being completely reconstructed and remodeled. That same year, at the Mali Lošinj shipyard it got a bow thruster increasing the maritime properties and maneuverability of the ship. This ferry is the favourite among all the islanders and travelers due to its reliability and speed and everyone wants Lastovo to be on their line.

For OH: Commander of m/t Lastovo, Milo Sršen

Photos: FotoFOR


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