Forests and hills of Hvar with the Hiking Society in founding

Forests and hills of Hvar with the Hiking Society in founding
Let’s go girls and boys, student and pupils… as Goran Bregović (Bijelo Dugme) wrote in his song.
So let’s go, all of us, to Hvar Fortica on Friday, March 30th, where the founding assembly of Hvar Hiking Society will take place.

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Things are finally in motion! (video)

Still young and green, almost three years ago, I entered the local political scene with the intention of changing some things for the better and contribute to the development of our island. At the end of the tourist season of 2009 I asked for a themed session of the Town council about tourism where we would discuss problems which occur during the season but also new ideas in order to prolong it. We had a quality discussion but unfortunately most of the conclusions from the session remained as nothing more than empty words. One of my propositions was to rebuild old walking trails and mark them. Judging by expressions from some of the council members I had a feeling they didn’t quite understand what I was talking about.

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Izložba likovnih radova hvarske djece u Japanu

Prošle je godine u listopadu u Narita City u Japanu otvorena internacionalna izložba dječjih likovnih radova na temu "Cvijeće".
Na izložbi je bilo izloženo 700 likovnih ostvarenja djece od vrtićke, osnovnoškolske do srednjoškolske dobi. Radovi su pristigli iz 31 grada i 17 država, a među njima su bili i radovi naših 10-ero djece iz Dječjeg vrtića "Vanđela Božitković" Hvar, Marije Lekaj, Zoje Radojković, Danice Vučetić, Marije i Petre Trbuhović, Tee Paduan, Darija Viskovića, Marine Baković, Dominika Butorovića i Dahmar Vidmar.

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Stanislav Štambuk and kindergarten children planted another two olive trees

Even though children from the island are privileged compared to their peers living in cities because they grow in close contact with nature still the knowledge and skills they acquire deepens that relationship which according to experts results in a higher respect for nature and the environment.

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Secret Hvar

Tourist season is due any time now and it is time for us to present everything that Hvar really is.
Take a peek at best kept secrets of Hvar and discover all we have to offer. Enjoy the latest text from our correspondent Siniša.

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Unusual players

Wild geese (Lat. Anser anser) are excellent fliers who travel over great distances. In order to traverse these massive distances with no problems these beautiful creatures constantly have to keep their feathers in excellent condition. This is why these birds spend so much time grooming their feathers. They do it even when they only stop to rest. This small flock used the occasion to pick up any nutritious snack from our ''stadium''. Let's wish them a happy journey and that they meet no hunters' gun barrels on the way to their destination.

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Stari Grad covered by snow

Feb 3rd, 2012

Luckily for children, for the first time this year (and probably only one) our town and surroundings have been covered in snow since the first light. Around 5-10 cm of snow fell during the night on tree tops, roofs and public surfaces. But as our ancestors would say weather has already ''gone soft'' so snow was replaced by rain.

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Island Hvar covered by snow

As announced, snow has come to the island of Hvar, brought joy to younger and bit older kids but also problems in traffic.

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Zorko Maričić Banjuš - about the snow on Hvar

The first announced gust of snow has missed Hvar, although not Brusje as well as the central part of the island. Expecting another one (announced for the weekend) let us reminisce of the Hvar snows and blizzards of the past century.
Speaking of weather, meteorological observations, information and dates, the best person to talk to is definitely Zorko Maričić Banjuš, retired from the Hvar weather station, who reminisced of the times it was snowing Hvar or the nearby area, in the yesterdays conversation broadcasted in the program of the Free For radio.

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Stanislav Štambuk: Protect your citrus fruit before the cold weather

If you haven't done yet make sure you urgently protect your fruit and some agricultural plants from a wave of cold due to arrive in the following few days.
This is what Stanislav Štambuk, senior expert advisor for horticulture advised on the Free For Radio to do before the cold fronts arrive.

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