Winter tourism, why not!?

Still under the impressions of the Brusje snow, highest inhabited village on Hvar, I was captivated by a scene I've seen in front of the Hvar cathedral.

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Kandelora – the end of winter

Today, Feb 2nd, we celebrate the holiday of Candlemas or as it is called in Hvar - Kandelora. Besides, today is forty days from the holiday of Jesus's birth – Christmas. According to the gospels, this is the day when Joseph and Mary presented little Jesus at the temple. Old man Simon took him in his arms and said the baby was a Messiah, a Saviour ''bringing light to the world''. Which is why it is called Candlemas. It's an ancient tradition blessing candles at this day, and the candle has a wide symbolism in Church.

This tradition received some unusual and interesting traits in Hvar – for ages people of Hvar celebrate Our Lady of Smoking.
Not even the oldest citizens remember who and when started the tradition of gathering around the church of Kruvenica on a hill overlooking Hvar and while praying the rosary – having a cigarette. It remains unknown who thought of connecting the symbolism of the candle with tobacco smoke.

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Brusje, Hvar, Feb 1st 2012 – SNOW!!!

For the second time in a row Brusje is the center of attention on Hvar! Today, Feb 1st, a small village above Hvar was covered by a thin layer of snow. Even though Hvar is an island with the highest number of sunshine hours, today Brusje is hosting all the fun activities you can imagine on snow

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Fotoklub (Photo club) Faros joins this year's Night of museums

Members of Fotoklub Faros have been to the Mosor Star village invited by the Community for technical culture of the Splitsko-dalmatinska prefecture.

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Sinoć nevera na Hvaru, ujutro idila, sunce, kava na Pjaci

Koliko vas nikada nebi pogodilo da je slika iz naslova ovog teksta slikana na Hvaru?
Ja ne!

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