Stari Grad: Gradska glazba gostovala u češkim Letovicama

Na nedavno održanom festivalu u Letovicama (Češka) ,Hrvatska gradska glazba Staroga Grada nastulipa je kao gost domaćina . Članovi HGG Stari Grad su izborom repertoara te vrhunskom izvedbom pobrali samo pozitivne kritike i simpatije svih gostiju festivala.
Posebno ističemo, sada već, tradicionalno prijateljstvo našeg Grada s Letovicama. Iako nije jedini primjer , u posljednje vrijeme se ovo prijateljstvo najbolje se iskazuje suradnjom glazbara.
HGG Stari Grad i ovaj put iskazuje zahvalnost stanovnicima Letovica na gostoprimstvu, te se unaprijed radujemo susretima prilikom gostovanja prijatelja iz Letovica Starome Gradu.

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Can the traditional function as modern?

After a recently held event the group raised an interesting question while sipping their coffee.
Inspired by opinions of this diverse group, consisting of mostly Hvar citizens, we decided to make a few questionnaires…

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Guests surprised, a group of wet teenagers running around town

Nothing happened. Nothing bad happened, to be precise.
Today is the day people from Zagreb call ‘’Norijada’’. When kids go wild, some would say.

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Bad weather grounded an 11 meter long sailboat on Hvar

A sailboat grounded on Hvar last night.

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Element of surprise

The town is slowly waking up from its winter hibernation. Guests are absorbing the culture, gastronomy and other benefits this island has to offer. As the summer is approaching we present another element of the island, the element of surprise.

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Priprema sezone - zanimljivo viđenje jednog od naših dopisnika

Imate nešto za reći?
Izvolite, , pošaljite mail i priključite se ekipi hvarskih blogera.
Blog sekcija kreće uskoro. Prikupljamo materijale i slažemo listu kandidata.
Evo jednog razmišljanja našeg blogera Vlatka C.

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Spontaneous song at the Hvar Pjaca

On the eve of St. Prošper, spontaneous song, satisfied guests of the three Pjaca (town square) restaurants. They are, of course, celebrating the name day of a certain fellow Prošper Z. Since he is a member of klapa (a capella group) Galešnik it was expected that there would be singing involved. And so it was.

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Engagement with a view of Galešnik

Hvar, a party location? Adventure? A place of rich cultural heritage? A place of fine dining? Lavander? Rosemary? Wine? Honey? Cycling? Climbing? Kayaking? Off-road?
Yes! Hvar is all of these things! And so much more.
Here is a story of another side of Hvar.

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15 cars left in Sućuraj, no available berths in Hvar

May 1st 2012, Labour Day, island Hvar
Here’s some news from Sućuraj:
About 15 cars didn’t manage to board the ferry going from Sućuraj to Drvenik which departed at 6 pm. If there’s more demand there may be added an additional – extra line to transfer passengers to mainland.

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Hvar as a wedding destination

João Miguel Simões, a famous Portuguese journalist who specializes in travel and lifestyle got a very difficult task while writing his first article for the Zankyou Magazine.
As Simões himself admits he hesitated whether to do it, but not because of a lack of theme or inspiration but on the contrary, the choice was just too big.
Keeping in mind the theme ‘’a wedding destination’’ or ‘’honeymoon destination’’ with an emphasis on romance he set himself some criteria which state that ‘’the destination needs to be close enough but still far away to ensure the feeling of ‘’getting away’’, sophisticated enough without being pretentious, with a diverse offer that would satisfy desires as well as budget. And finally, it is just as important that it is able to combine in balanced doses relaxation and excitement, the sea and blue sky, some history and the profane’’. Even though he was facing a large number of destinations, without too much effort he chose as you may have guessed already: Hvar.

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