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You could see many different vehicles in Hvar this summer. On two, four, one wheel. There were some really colourful vehicles (land and sea ones) but still one caught our attention the most.
A white bicycle (on three wheels) equipped with a camera sticking over the drivers head caused many curious looks by numerous tourists on the Hvar square Pjaca and Riva.

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DiVino: Deconstruction of Hvar gregada for the Prime Minister of Croatian government

Last night Prime Minister Milanović was enjoying the beautiful view from the terrace of Hvar restaurant Divino.
And he wasn’t the only one! This year DiVino was visited by numerous other public figures. Let’s mention a few:
Igor Tudor, Jurica Vučko, Sanja Dagan, Frane Barbieri, Siniša Glumičić, Nevena Rendeli, Đuro Tomljenović, Tomas Muster, Medveščak hockey players, Vanja Halilović, Emil Tedesci and many other famous and less famous local and foreign dignitaries, athletes, politicians…
Let’s just say they are on a roll this season (they opened last year).

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Premijer Milanović u Starome Gradu - Sv. Roko

Povodom proslave Sv. Roka u Starome Gradu na Hvaru, danas je u gradskoj vijećnici održana svečana sjednica kojoj je nazočio i premijer Zoran Milanović

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U Lođi je 21.7. otvorena izložba hrvatskog dizajna pod nazivom “Razum & Osjećaji –Common Sense & Sensibility”, u organizaciji konzaltinga Narativ, DesignAgende i Grada Hvara.

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An unusual Mini on a maxi tour

It’s funny.
Some interesting stories just find their way to us, just show up at our doorstep. This story literally appeared on the doorstep of our offices on Dolac.
In the afternoon or evening hours (doesn’t really matter when), on Monday July 2nd a Mini appeared on our parking lot. Covered in colours of the British flag, rusty, greasy with writings all over. Nobody was indifferent to the sight, passersby and customers alike. They would pause, read and speculate. Who is this, how did he manage to get to Croatia in this, what do all the signatures mean…?

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Lantina organization Vrboska, events in the season of 2012

Here are two announcements from the Lantina organization (Vrboska-Hvar).

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There are countless stories of emigrants from our island, those who during the entire past century looked for better and different life on other sides of the world, new opportunities. Only they know what dreams they were chasing.
There are countless stories of those who have found their place under the sun in a new, different world and who didn’t forget their heritage and their island even after their dreams came true.

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Hvar plate - Hrvoje Tomičić blog - Interview

As we already announced, here on the otok Hvar blog you will be able to follow some of Hvar chefs. Yesterday we presented the Stari Grad plate and today the Hvar plate. First of all, get to know the young man who will be cooking for you.

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Within our, finally running, blog section you will be able to read all kinds of things. Everything which is from Hvar and presenting the island in a broader sense and which doesn’t fit into the quite strict news form.
Hvar is definitely the source of numerous delicacies, some made with seafood some not. We would now like to present one of our gastro bloggers. There will be more to come!
Vinko Dužević from Paiz (Stari Grad)
The best thing to do is let the man introduce himself.

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The blog is online!

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