Istočni dio Hvara u četvrtak opet bez struje

Iz Elektrodalmacije Split, pogon Hvar - Stari Grad, obavještavaju da će zbog radova na elekroenergetskim postrojenjima u četvrtak, 8. ožujka, u vremenu od 8 do 15 sati, bez opskrbe električnom energijom biti potrošači na istočnom dijelu otoka Hvara od Jelse do STS Sućuraj 3 (Mlaska). Po obavljenim radovima stavljanje pod napon obavljat će bez posebne najave.

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Hvar cured sardines and dried figs – a hit at the enological and gastronomical festival in Zagreb

Although we were not honoured with an invitation to this important event, especially significant for promoting the Hvar enological and gastronomical offer in tourism, with extreme pleasure we bring the report from day one of the event.
As briefed by our ''undercover'' informant opening ceremonies started at 2 pm. Introduction speeches were held by Đurđica Protić, director of the festival, and Milan Bandić, the mayor of Zagreb. Program was hosted by Tatjana Jurić and among numerous participants we can single out Veljko Ostojić, the minister of tourism.

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On Monday, March 5th 2012 the Dance center Tala together with the theatre ''Trešnja'' will perform a children's play at the Stari Grad theatre hall called ''The three dressed up piglets''. It is scheduled to start at 9:30 am.

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Couples' balls of all genders at the SRC Gariful

Although the title may lead to the conclusion that the hard working team of SRC Gariful has decided to expand the tourist offer of Hvar with the most popular sports, recreational and reproductive activity, we have to disappoint you.

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Gastronomical delicacies and fine wines from Hvar at the Zagreb Arena

It is well known that Hvar chefs are masters of their trade and that Hvar wines take after the paradise island they come from. But it's always good to repeat these things and all the visitors of the Croatian food and wine festival will be able to experience for themselves as presented by the Organization of Hvar wine makers and restaurants.

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Island Hvar: Restrictions in water and power supply

On Tuesday, due to repairs, certain parts of the island will experience temporary restrictions in water and power supply.

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Power line poles being replaced between Jelsa and Zagradače

On the route between Jelsa and Zagradače replacement of power line poles is in progress.
Due to a new law, poles cannot be wooden and need to be seven meters tall.
We ask of drivers to be patient and careful while driving. Especially at the route in question.
As seen on the photograph by Siniša Matković - Mikulčić, traffic delays are possible.

Drivers be careful!

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

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Galešnik from Hvar visiting Slovenian Maribor in March

Singing delegation of the Hvar klapa (Croatian a capella group) Galešnik is on the road again!
As reported by our occasional correspondent Prošper Zaninović, klapa Galešnik will be quite busy in March and April, with klapa's tenth anniversary celebration coming up.

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Power and traffic restrictions in Hvar on Friday

Here is the notice about restrictions in power supply and traffic restrictions in the town of Hvar:

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Public discussion of the eco-ethno villages Velo Grablje and Zaraće

Mayor of Hvar has announced public discussions about propositions of Urban planning for the eco-ethno village Velo Grablje and the eco-etno village Zaraće. Propositions of Urban planning for the eco-ethno village Velo Grablje and the eco-etno village Zaraće are in public discussion in the period of Feb. 28th until March 30th 2012.

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