Jelsa: Energy bar with a Hvar twist – Ivan’s Bread

Hvar is known for many things. Lavander, rosemary, olive oil, cantor oil, these are only some of the products which somewhat represent the potential Hvar possesses with regards to placing natural, medicinal or simply useful products of the Hvar flora on the market.
Today we would like to present a family agricultural business (OPG) Sv. Ivan Krstitelj (St. John the Baptist) from the central part of Hvar. In June of 2011 a few enthusiasts started making a product currently unique in the offer of the island.

IVAN’S BREAD – A HEALTHY SNACK is a completely natural product, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It is produced in the before mentioned family business in Jelsa. We won’t reveal the recipe but the ingredients are simple and can be found anywhere on the island. No kind of thermic processing is used in the production of this delicacy. Ivan’s bread is made from carobs, almonds, cured figs and floral honey. 

This healthy snack has only 456kcal in 100g of the product and it is categorized as the so-called RAW FOOD. Let’s call it the Hvar energy bar. It’s healthy, non-fattening with a high energy value. It is not necessary to keep it in a refrigerator and goes well with tea or maybe prošek.

Speaking of prošek, let’s mention that aromatic prošek is another one of the original products from the Sv. Ivan Krstitelj family business.

Prošek is aromatized in a process called macerata (soaking it with aromatic herbs). Composition of this cocktail consisting of original herbs from Hvar was not revealed to us. However, they gave us a sample which we of course tried after taking photographs. What can we say? Extremely original and beautifully packaged, its content having the placebo effect of an antibiotic.

As we were informed by Anais, their marketing director, these products can be found on shelves from three Zagreb stores. They visited the eco-ethno fair in Zagreb, participated at the Split fair called ‘’Dalmacija sve ti cvitalo’’ (‘’Dalmatia may you be in full bloom’’) and Dubrovnik fair of health food and herbs.

Since we are dealing with an exceptional product of high quality, produced following all norms of production and distribution of health food we have decided to back this project. We hit a few phone numbers and connected them with the Pjover organization and Eco Hvar. We hope that you will be able to see their products on the shelves of Eko Hvar and sample them at the 4th Lavander Fest this year. Besides what we’ve mentioned already, you can hear more about these products live in the program of the Free For Radio.

Finally, let’s mention that all of the material necessary for making Ivan’s Bread and Aromatic Prošek is bought from local families and the team from this family business is planning to expand their production and offer according to demand on the market. As we found out, there is an interest for these eco products in some exclusive Dubrovnik hotels.

Why wouldn’t we offer this original tasty snack from Hvar in our hotels and offices as a token of appreciation to our dear guests and business partners?

It remains to be seen whether this original Hvar product will be presented solely by the buyers and partners of OPG Sv. Ivan Krstitelj or us the islanders will also embrace this innovative initiative based on natural advantages of the island of Hvar.

Until then, STAY WELL!

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: FotoFOR and OPG Sv. Ivan Krstitelj


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