Hvar: Study visit by the LAIRA architectural studio from Padova

Even though we are at the end of October weather has still been very pleasant and warm in the town of Hvar. This was very beneficial to the work of an Italian group visiting our sunny island for the second year now during fall. We are talking about a study visit from the LAIRA architectural studio from Padova leading a group of 10 students from the DIEFFE restoration school, also from Padova. They are staying on Hvar from October 14th until the 26th. After last year recording and drawing the Hvar Loggia this year their attention was directed at the clock tower, west town gate and water wells. Their arrival was organized by the Italian Community of Hvar with the support of the town of Hvar and certain people who rent apartments who offered to host the students for free. ‘’We hope, with the consent of Split Conservation Office, to complete the restoration of the Hvar Loggia in 2013, and with information we gathered during this visit to report a new project on a Veneto region tender and ensure funding for further restoration’’ said Adelmo Lazzari, leader of the group of Italians.

If our goal is sustainable tourism and to use the architectural beauties that we have during summer then we must utilize the winter period to maintain and clean our monuments and I believe that this cooperation with the Italians should be fully taken advantage of since it is in both of our interests.

For OH: Alessandra Tudor, president of the Italian Community Hvar


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