HFT and Lovrinac travelling to Slovenia

Hvar Folk Theatre and their oldest and most performed play ‘’The life of St. Lovrinac the martyr’’ will be travelling to Slovenia by the end of the month where they will hold guest appearances in towns where this saint is a patron protector.

So the following towns and villages found their place on this year tour starting on November 25: Lovrenc on Pohorje, St. Lovrenc - Jurišnici, Rače, Stična, Šentlovrenc - Velika Loka i Brežice and on the 1st and 2nd December visitors from Hvar will be performing at Zaprešić and Gospić as well. The first performance of ‘’The life of St. Lovrinac the martyr’’directed and edited by Marin Carić was held in 1969 when this great director gathered his friends into an acting troupe and irreversibly infected them with theatre. ‘’Lovrinac’’ will round up this tour with their 230th performance. The script for the play is from the 15th century but it’s known that the tradition of holding this play reached into the 13th century.

After taking ‘’Lovrinac’’ all over the world, this year our actors from Hvar are visiting the neighborhood with plans for further journeys (this time to Scandinavia) announced by the secretary of the Hvar Folk Theatre Milan Lakoš in an interview about the Slovenian tour.

For OH: Katija Vučetić

Photos: HFT archives



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