Festivities of St. Juraj – the beginning of summer in Brusje

Brusje celebrated festivities of St. Juraj and brought life to this village less than five kilometers away from Hvar.

Celebration of the saint protector of Brusje started with mass and procession around the village and was continued tonight at the Community Hall where the organization ‘’Leaning olive tree’’ has organized a suitable dance. Prizes have been handed out for the raffle as well as the dance of hearts. Guests have been entertained by our band from the island ‘’Slow motion’’.

Hvar Secondary school took care of the second part of the celebration. On Saturday they held a musical-theatric performance called ‘’The inhabited heart’’. The stage of the Brusje theatre which during summer serves as a replacement for the theatre of Hvar (which is undergoing renovations) echoed verses by Lucija Rudan Perinić and dr. Duško Miličić. Familiar Dalmatian melodies were also sung and played.  It was all accompanied with dancing by young dancers from the Youth dance studio and projections of old photos of Brusje.

Second part of the program featured Mihovil Marušić and Pero Radaić who honoured us with their singing. After there were performances by young bands La Troya, Brusje band and the ‘’unnamed’’ who entertained the audience with slightly faster rhythm.

It was a nice celebration of the saint protector of Brusje. The organization ‘’ Leaning olive tree’’ and its members would like to thank everyone who contributed to the program and its realization.


For OH: Jakša Kuzmičić

Photos: Foto For


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