Battle at the Hvar square

It came as a surprise to many when deafening gun fire and the brisk sound of steel blades echoed in an otherwise peaceful summer night in Hvar. But those who happened to be in front of the town Loggia on Tuesday around 9 pm knew the answer to the question where the sounds were coming from, sounds which stopped echoing this town over a hundred years ago.

Demonstration in the art of historic fencing was performed by a group called the ‘’Espadrones’’ from Bratislava led by a fencing master and a versatile Slovakian professor Peter Koza. The performance of Turkish janjičari (soldiers) was done by a Zagreb group ‘’Aureus Unicornis’’ and Marko Popović, a former student of the Espadrones leader.

Their guest visit to Hvar was initiated by the Hvar Sea Metropolis organization which together with ‘’Espadrones’’ and ‘’Auereus Unicornis’’ performed at the Uskok battle for Klis which was held in Klis last weekend within the event called ‘’Days of Petar Kružić, captain and duke of Klis’’.

In case you missed the last night return to the past, part of the atmosphere can be found in pictures and the gallery by FotoFOR.

For OH: Katija Vučetić

Photos and video: FotoFOR



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