Avatars – best costume of the NK Hvar veteran White Night

Costumed White Night of the NK Hvar veterans attracted quite a number of citizens of Hvar last night in Dele who were in the mood for this kind of entertainment.

As an introduction to the grand finale of the carnival festivities, which draws out the young and the old on the last days of the carnival, this evening proved to be a costume party for all generations. Although, to be honest, there was considerably more of those ‘’seasoned’’ in these events.

Besides the usual program (dance of hearts, bingo and raffle), there was a large interest in the best costume competition, so the judges had to choose between 17 costumes of those that applied. There were distinguished individuals among the applied ( Lady Gaga, Ante Gotovac, Popeye and Olive, Smurfette and Grumpy Smurf, escort ladies), but still most of them were in groups, so almost half of the participants of the party (about 147 tickets sold) paraded the stage. So Qatar Gems, Women of the Future, Avatars, Cruella de Ville with the spotted puppies, Cleaning Squad, Clown and company, and as much as three Charlie Chaplins with a Mime, performance by the Kiss band, singing Dalmatians all rolled on the stage, with a new fashion show for the season of entry to the EU, and a fairytale about the EU.

Five prizes in total were awarded. A four member jury awarded a special prize to the little Charlie Chaplins and the Mime – a home made cake and the first (and only) prize for individual costumes went to Ante Gotovac. Third place for group costumes and the prize of five kilos of squid and five liters of wine went to the Cleaning Squad, while second place, a pig suckling and ten liters of wine went to Cico the fisherman with his octopus and one, quite large sculpin.

First prize for best costume, a lamb and ten liters of wine went to the Pandoran five. Their ideas and effort can be seen in the photos below and we invite other participants to send their photos from this and other costume parties on Hvar to info@otok-hvar.com.

Otok-hvar.com portal again invites other organizers of costume dances on Hvar to send information and texts to be published and finally, an overview of all this year carnival events.

For OH: Katija Vučetić

Photos: Iva Belaj Šantić & Ana Dujmović


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