Island Hvar covered by snow

As announced, snow has come to the island of Hvar, brought joy to younger and bit older kids but also problems in traffic.

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Winter tourism, why not!?

Still under the impressions of the Brusje snow, highest inhabited village on Hvar, I was captivated by a scene I've seen in front of the Hvar cathedral.

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Kandelora – the end of winter

Today, Feb 2nd, we celebrate the holiday of Candlemas or as it is called in Hvar - Kandelora. Besides, today is forty days from the holiday of Jesus's birth – Christmas. According to the gospels, this is the day when Joseph and Mary presented little Jesus at the temple. Old man Simon took him in his arms and said the baby was a Messiah, a Saviour ''bringing light to the world''. Which is why it is called Candlemas. It's an ancient tradition blessing candles at this day, and the candle has a wide symbolism in Church.

This tradition received some unusual and interesting traits in Hvar – for ages people of Hvar celebrate Our Lady of Smoking.
Not even the oldest citizens remember who and when started the tradition of gathering around the church of Kruvenica on a hill overlooking Hvar and while praying the rosary – having a cigarette. It remains unknown who thought of connecting the symbolism of the candle with tobacco smoke.

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Zorko Maričić Banjuš - about the snow on Hvar

The first announced gust of snow has missed Hvar, although not Brusje as well as the central part of the island. Expecting another one (announced for the weekend) let us reminisce of the Hvar snows and blizzards of the past century.
Speaking of weather, meteorological observations, information and dates, the best person to talk to is definitely Zorko Maričić Banjuš, retired from the Hvar weather station, who reminisced of the times it was snowing Hvar or the nearby area, in the yesterdays conversation broadcasted in the program of the Free For radio.

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Catamaran lines still on hold, problems also in ferry boat traffic

As expected, again today all catamaran lines in our area are on hold. Adriana is on Lastovo since yesterday, Krilo is still in Korčula, and the catamaran from Vis is still in the port. Catamaran for Jelsa and Bol is docked in Split since yesterday.

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An exhibition Hvar in the winter, opened in town Loggia

Wednesday, Feb 1st, an exhibition of photographs ''Hvar in the winter'' was opened in the town Loggia organized by the town library.
79 selected photographs are presented at the exhibition, they all arrived for the competition open from Dec 20th untill Feb 20th. Photos were sent by locals but also by many other Hvar fans from Croatia and abroad.
The exhibition will be opened until Wednesday, Feb 8th, every day from 10-12am and 4-6pm.

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Croatian Red Cross is organizing a toy donation drive for the oncology hospital for children from Kljajićeva street in Zagreb

Croatian Red Cross is organizing a toy donation drive for the oncology hospital for children from Kljajićeva street in Zagreb. Since from various sources we are informed that those little heroes, suffering from a range of malignant diseases, are lacking toys we thought that Valentine's Day is the right moment for this drive.
We ask of schools and kindergartens that their teachers take some time and help raise toys (no stuffed animals) within their possibilities. We believe that a few boxes from each school is enough, and distribution is yet to be arranged.

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Brusje, Hvar, Feb 1st 2012 – SNOW!!!

For the second time in a row Brusje is the center of attention on Hvar! Today, Feb 1st, a small village above Hvar was covered by a thin layer of snow. Even though Hvar is an island with the highest number of sunshine hours, today Brusje is hosting all the fun activities you can imagine on snow

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Hvar in the winter - exhibition opening tonight

Today, Feb 1st, at 6pm, in the Loggia, a photographic exhibition entitled ''Hvar in the winter'' will be opened along with a small banquet displaying about 80 selected photographs which arrived for the Hvar town library competition

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Damage to the Vorba park – an insignificant crime

The town of Stari Grad has in July 2011 filed criminal charges against two juveniles for damaging other people's property. Last year, two juveniles (information known) have damaged several fixtures of public lighting in the town park ''Vorba''. Recently a notice was delivered from the County district attorney notifying the town that they have dismissed the charges ''since the reported crime is insignificant (article 28 Criminal Law). Further along the notice reads: ''Analyzing the results of the investigation we have determined that the juveniles in question (information known) have committed the crime but considering their personal and family conditions, givwen the fact they had no criminal record I believe that act is insignificant considering how it was performed, the degree of guilt and the actual consequences for the protected goods and the legal system.

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