Dragičević: Decision about the round 12 playoffs in a day or two

Decision about holding round 12 of the Hvar island league, cancelled last weekend due to bad weather, will be brought in the next two days.
As the League commissioner Gordan Dragičević said for Free For Radio, that is the timeframe to obtain information about holding Saturday matches of the Regional Cup, which should feature some Hvar clubs. After that the decision about locations and dates for this missed round will be brought.

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Island under the eye – weekly overview by PP Hvar

How our island drivers dealt with the snow, what were the roads like this morning, overview of last week and an announcement for police activities in traffic – all that in the weekly overview of activities of PP Hvar in conversation with the police commissioner Ivko Gavranić.

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The island of Hvar, organization of island entrepreneurs and employees in tourism. Better quality, longer tourist season? Dreams or reality?

Recently one of our readers, on our FB profile, said that reading the articles on seems like there is something actually happenening on Hvar. We answered that she is correct and that our task is to provide the information to locals and guests. So, Friday, Feb 3rd, 2012 something has happened and today we will try and describe a part of the atmosphere and our impressions from yesterday's work breakfast at the Riva hotel.

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DJ Vice Vicious from Hvar in his attempt at the world scene

A young 24-year-old Visko Visković from Hvar, known to the club scene as DJ Vice Vicious, has recently for the second time visited Canada where he is to hold a short tour.
As previously agreed, the Hvar DJ has answered an e-mail interview by our Jakša Kuzmičić – Foto For.
• How would you describe your performance at the Bloke & 4th club in Toronto?
Playing at Bloke & 4th has been one of the best gigs in my career so far. Before all because of the intense contact with the crowd, and passion and energy which unrolled from start to finish of my performance. I should also mention my last tour in Canada, in April 2011 in three cities (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary) which was by no means any less intense in atmosphere than the before mentioned club since it was an amazing experience.

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Hvar sensation! Levanda, ski club from Velo Grablje

Good-humored Ivan Zaninović Grande sent us an interesting text about how Velo Grablje has experienced winter joys which have been the center of attention of all inhabitants of Hvar these past few days.

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Ferry boat ''Bartol Kašić'' owned by Jadrolinija, during docking on pier 28 in the town harbour of Split at 6:30am this morning due to strong wind leaned on the unprotected part of the coast resulting in a plate denting of about 3-4 meters, 1 meter above the sea level.

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Stari Grad, Ploča square, from February 17 – 21, 2012

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Stari Grad covered by snow

Feb 3rd, 2012

Luckily for children, for the first time this year (and probably only one) our town and surroundings have been covered in snow since the first light. Around 5-10 cm of snow fell during the night on tree tops, roofs and public surfaces. But as our ancestors would say weather has already ''gone soft'' so snow was replaced by rain.

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28th session of the town council held in Stari Grad

Jan 2nd, 2012
28th session of the Stari Grad town council was held, presided over by Mr. Marijo Lušić Bulić, Jan 31st 2012 at 6pm in the facilities of the Town Hall in Stari Grad. At the beginning of the session, after determining quorum, before accepting the proposed agenda the council has according to Rules of procedure, and the deliberation of GO HSS and the Report of the mandate comission brought the Deliberation of employment for Mrs. Marija Franetović-Cvitić as the new deputy council member. Mrs. Marija Franetović-Cvitić has since Jan 31st 2012 been replacing Mr. Tedi Sanseović – elected council member on the list of HSS, who due to the incompatibility of duties put his mandate as council member on hold. After swearing in the deputy council member, in the continuation of the session the council has unanimously accepted the Agenda with two additions which were to be discussed right after the council members' questions.

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Mayor delivers acts in her jurisdiction

Jan 3rd, 2012

On the basis of executive powers of the Bill of local and regional autonomy and the Statute of the town of Stari Grad, the mayor of Stari Grad Đurđica Plančić has brought the following acts: The plan to place temporary objects on public surfaces in the area of Stari Grad for the year 2012; Concession prices for public surfaces in 2012 as well as monetary fines for operating motor vehicles in the zones of permanent ban on motor traffic in the area of Stari Grad in the year 2012.

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