Island under the eye - weekly overview by PP Hvar

Another weekly overview by the Hvar police in the Free For Radio program.

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Global warming!? Yeah right! Hvar is UNDER THE SNOW!!

SNOW has been on Hvar for over a week now. Some places more some less. In the town of Hvar almost snow last night. Will it keep? Some are happy about it, some are annoyed. A miracle or a weather disaster?
From what we've seen from Split we still hope it won't completely cover the island and that we won't have any broken bones.
Anyway, watch the video recorded early this morning by Jurica Jerković, an employee of the Croatian road maintenance, in his regular tour. Roads have been cleaned as much as possible. We advise caution while driving.
Even though Stari Grad and Jelsa and all towns in the middle part of the island are covered by snow, the town of Hvar itself is still unaffected.

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When little trumpets come together…

On a quiet afternoon of October 15th 1998 a memorial to 130th anniversary of Hvar tourism was uncovered on Pjaca (town square). With loud applause and further mingling with bubbly drinks the anniversary was celebrated by the people.
Another thing happened that day: Hvar brass band died out.
It played under the memorial on Pjaca without anyone knowing it was the last time Forski mužikonti (Hvar musicians) will be performing. They said: it’s pointless, people are not willing to continue. Instruments went into storage – a rotten cupboard on the floor of Orlana and on shelves, attics, taverns and garages. Only occasionally would some of the musicians reminisce of the celebrations, reveilles and funerals and sometimes, just to refresh their memory would dust off the instrument and play a few notes.

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First photography competition of the Hvar library concluded – Hvar in the winter

After a month of receiving photographs and a week of exhibition the first Photography Competition ''Hvar in the winter'' is now completed. 101 photos were received in total with 79 selected photos being put on display. After counting 293 voting ballots we can determine the winners.

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The organization Forske Užonce visiting Dubrovnik Carnival Fest 2012

On Feb 10th 2012 the organization Forske Užonce departs for Dubrovnik where they should take part in the Dubrovnik Carnival Fest 2012. The plan is for them to participate in the parade of carnival masks on Sunday Feb 12th in Dubrovnik, after which they should head for Opuzen where they will be welcomed by the Opuzen Carnival organization.

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Ana as all of us had many roles in her life, she loved her job and used the power of the written word with joy in order to share her beliefs with the public and to divert attention to important matters but she never liked talking about herself.

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Hvar critic from the Caribbean, column

It's true, we announced a new section at the portal. And? Here's the pilot project!
With great pleasure we present first work by our new social columnist. Social? Well the man is a sociologist!
And yeah, his name is Vlatko and he'll be writing about whatever hits him in a certain moment, from his heart, what he feels like writing about. And we won't impose any limitations on him.

Let's say the working title of Vlatko's column will be: ISLANDaware (SvijesOTOK)

*Notice: In the future columns will be placed in a special section. Every columnist individually.

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Miroslav Harašić - 40 years of Kempinski

Management of the Berlin hotel Kempinski Bristol marked 40 years of service of an associate, our commoner and citizen Mr. Miroslav Harašić.

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THE SKY ITSELF CRIED – story of the Hvar holy Cross

On this date for 502 years the inhabitants of Hvar mark an event when a small crucifix cried in blood over the intolerance of commoners and nobles.

In the first days of February of 1510 a strong, heavy winter 'jugo' (southern wind) was blowing. And then on Feb 6th the sky went dark and a strong rain poured, lasting all day long. Around 7pm the ground shook three times and the roof of the church of Anuncijata in Burka collapsed.
Somewhere around that time, in a house behind Anuncijata the granddaughter of a marine admiral Nikola Bevilaqua was collecting her laundry and went on to dust the room. She took a small, wooden crucifix and decided to clean it when she noticed something strange. Thick, red liquid was dripping from the crucifix. She asked her mother and grandfather who concluded that the paint probably melted due to humidity, but they got a neighbour over, a local painter who could determine precisely what was happening. The painter – Stjepan Vitaljić was his name – said it wasn't paint dripping from the crucifix but real blood.

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NK HVAR: After wet preparations on Vis, continuation of hard work on the remaining part of the season

Preparations for the second part of the football season continues for NK Hvar and matches following in several competitions –FONL, Island Cup, First regional league NS SDŽ and the Regional Cup.

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