Match schedule for the 12th round of FONL

Here is the schedule for the 12th round of the Hvar island football league which was supposed to take place on February 4th and 5th but was posponed due to bad weather.

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Hvar Red Cross for the children in Klajićeva street, Krijesnice and the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The toy donation drive for children in treatment at the Children's Illness Clinic in Klajićeva, Zagreb at the Hvar Red Cross connected and marked two important dates – Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day and the international and national day for children suffering from malignant diseases Feb. 15th.

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Maškare – carnival time in Hvar

Poklade, carnival, maškare, is the time of the year starting with the Three Wisemen lasting until the beginning of Lent. Although it has a fixed time of starting carnival doesn't last the same each year as it depends on the date of Ash Wednesday. Culmination of carnival is in its final days, from Friday till the most exuberant Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. For us that is the ''Zodnji od karnevola'' (the last of carnival) with the parade, party and craziness around town with the reading of the final will and testament and symbollic burning of Jure Karnevol. Finally in the evening there a formal costume dance lasting until midnight. On this day the whole town is involved in partying and general craziness.

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It has begun...

Carnival festivities started on our island as well. Here is an overview of all events in Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa.
Here are a few more announcements before the joyful weekend ahead, which arrived after we published the main text:

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Thanks to Bebić and Gariful, Franjo Opačak is coming to Hvar

The text published in Glas Slavonije, about the young Franjo Opačak, world champion in a homeless shelter has inspired many to offer their help. The desire to help the young man, whose difficult life story was published in almost every Croatian media also came over the mayor of Hvar Pjerino Bebić, known for being ready to answer similar cries for help of those in need.

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Pjover back in action!

The Pjover organization from Velo Grablje, Hvar once again on the front page of the portal.
Again the news is positive. And as we got used to in the past, when they are in question there is some action going on!

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As every year the Day of the Sick is marked with a meaningful event.This year it was marked by presenting a hospital bed to the representative of the Hvar Red Cross, director Marija Budrović. The bed was purchased by funds donated by the Hvar Secondary school gathered through charity selling exhibitions of youth, organized several times in the previous year. Since most of the inhabitants of the island is elderly, hospital beds are in highest demand in the Red Cross. Furthermore, this noble gesture was praised by don Mili Plenković, parish priest who was actively involved in organizing the events. Motto of the day was to thank all those taking care of the sick: health, religious and social workers, and volunteers and activists of the Red Cross.

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Valentine's Day for Tin

We invite all friends and fellow citizens,
to come, have fun and help this gravely ill little boy, Feb. 14th (Tuesday) at 5 pm in the TOWN THEATRE (Theatre Hall, Novo riva 5, Stari Grad)

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Unusual players

Wild geese (Lat. Anser anser) are excellent fliers who travel over great distances. In order to traverse these massive distances with no problems these beautiful creatures constantly have to keep their feathers in excellent condition. This is why these birds spend so much time grooming their feathers. They do it even when they only stop to rest. This small flock used the occasion to pick up any nutritious snack from our ''stadium''. Let's wish them a happy journey and that they meet no hunters' gun barrels on the way to their destination.

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Forske užonce along with Venice connect Hvar and Dubrovnik

Forske užonce, who despite bad weather forecasts and benevolent inquiries about their sanity as well as getting direct diagnosis of excessive craziness, travelled to Dubrovnik, hapilly returned home last night, richer for some new friendships and great fun.

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