Galešnik from Hvar visiting Slovenian Maribor in March

Singing delegation of the Hvar klapa (Croatian a capella group) Galešnik is on the road again!
As reported by our occasional correspondent Prošper Zaninović, klapa Galešnik will be quite busy in March and April, with klapa's tenth anniversary celebration coming up.

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Power and traffic restrictions in Hvar on Friday

Here is the notice about restrictions in power supply and traffic restrictions in the town of Hvar:

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Public discussion of the eco-ethno villages Velo Grablje and Zaraće

Mayor of Hvar has announced public discussions about propositions of Urban planning for the eco-ethno village Velo Grablje and the eco-etno village Zaraće. Propositions of Urban planning for the eco-ethno village Velo Grablje and the eco-etno village Zaraće are in public discussion in the period of Feb. 28th until March 30th 2012.

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Women, sea and wine opened up the hearts of poetry readers and the audience at the Hvar tavern Luvija

After a well-received first night of poetry dedicated to women, sea and wine, held last year at the tavern Luvija, another such night was hosted in the same place yesterday, on the last day of the carnival.

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First phase of Pjover organization Community Hall remodeling successfully completed

Pjover organization has finished first out of a number of planned work activities.

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Romans win at the Hvar Carnival

Last day of the carnival organized by Forske užonce, according to the organizer has gathered more groups than last year. Guests arrived from Sv. Nedjelja and Zavala, with the traditional performance of the Hvar elementary school from 1st till 6th grade. The Master of ceremony was Ivan Zaninović Grande and best costumes were chosen by the jury consisting of Mira Petričević, Katica Vučetić and Miko Bibić Žiže.

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Avatars – best costume of the NK Hvar veteran White Night

Costumed White Night of the NK Hvar veterans attracted quite a number of citizens of Hvar last night in Dele who were in the mood for this kind of entertainment.

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History of the Hvar tourism through old postcards

How do you write an objective introduction for someone you've known all your life?
You don`t!
Siniša Matković - Mikulčić from the Secret Hvar travel agency is the newest addition to our numerous Island Hvar portal correspondence family.

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Botteri’s photograph on the cover of Il Parlato

A distinguished Italian magazine Il Parlato has published a cover with a photo by Petar Botteri from Stari Grad.

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Children’s Carnival in Hvar – Vanđela Božitković kindergarten

Bumblebees, butterflies and other little bugs were hopping around the Hvar Pjaca today! Children from the Vanđela Božitković kindergarten were having fun. And so were the parents watching their children happily hop around the stage.

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