Eco-ethno Hvar at the Gast!

We are going to the GAST!
In order to promote ECO-ETHNO tourism, a delegation from Hvar is getting ready for a presentation at this year GAST.

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EksJuRok and La Troya at the SRC Gariful

Experienced rockers playing the good old, almost forgotten rock are preparing quite a spectacle for you at the SRC Gariful!
A young local rock band called ''La Troya'' is in charge of warming up the atmosphere. They are popularly called ''Bendić'' (little band).

Saturday, March 10th at the SRC Gariful at 10 pm.
Come and see for yourself that the CONCERT does not involve a CD PLAYER!

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Another top 10 chart – Hvar number 7

Here's Hvar once again on top charts of the best world islands. This time Yahoo! made the chart which is about the undiscovered dream islands, as reported by portal. In a world wide competition Hvar made it to number 7.

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Istočni dio Hvara u četvrtak opet bez struje

Iz Elektrodalmacije Split, pogon Hvar - Stari Grad, obavještavaju da će zbog radova na elekroenergetskim postrojenjima u četvrtak, 8. ožujka, u vremenu od 8 do 15 sati, bez opskrbe električnom energijom biti potrošači na istočnom dijelu otoka Hvara od Jelse do STS Sućuraj 3 (Mlaska). Po obavljenim radovima stavljanje pod napon obavljat će bez posebne najave.

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Tri skockana praščića na Hvaru

Plesni centar Tala i kazalište Trešnja gostovali su dva dana na Hvaru s predstavom „Tri skockana praščića“ autorica i koreografkinja Larise Navojec i Tamare Curić.

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Učenice OŠ Hvar predložene za državnu smotru LiDraNo 2012

Na natjecanju Lidrano 2012. izabrani su najbolji novinarski radovi s područja županije.

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Pjover, almost there...

Here is a report from the Pjover organization.

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Enological and gastronomical delicacies from Hvar at the Arena, with lamb being prepared at Komin!

Đoko where are you!?
''Where could we be!? Having some lamb of course!'' This is what Đorđe Tudor said for OH, the owner and head chef of the Hvar restaurant ''Đorđeta vartal''. Not in the least surprised by his answer, as well with the fact that the lunch was organized by Mate Jeličić, the owner of the restaurant ''Bacchus'' I continued with my questions. Of course, after learning about the menu that the Hvar team prepared. (Rooster soup, cooked meat and naturally, the lamb)
What are your impressions?
Oh, it was fantastic, said Đorđe. People were satisfied with what was offered and the food was served on a mutual hot/cold buffet. No distinction was being made among restaurants. We presented Hvar all together, Hvar food, and wine from our wine makers.

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Music talents from Hvar on the way to the national competition in Varaždin

The 50th Croatian competition of music and dance pupils and students for the southern region has been held in Zadar on March 2nd 2012. The students of the ''Toma Cecchini'' music school (a branch of the Josip Hatze regional music school from Split) Josipa Jurić and Tomislav Petar Dužević have once again confirmed their music talents and justified the work and efforts of the teachers from their music school.

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Hvar cured sardines and dried figs – a hit at the enological and gastronomical festival in Zagreb

Although we were not honoured with an invitation to this important event, especially significant for promoting the Hvar enological and gastronomical offer in tourism, with extreme pleasure we bring the report from day one of the event.
As briefed by our ''undercover'' informant opening ceremonies started at 2 pm. Introduction speeches were held by Đurđica Protić, director of the festival, and Milan Bandić, the mayor of Zagreb. Program was hosted by Tatjana Jurić and among numerous participants we can single out Veljko Ostojić, the minister of tourism.

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