OH – only four months old!

Stepping into the fourth month since we have sent the first letter out into the expanses of the Internet cyberspace the time has come to as briefly as possible give you our work report. Yes, to you, because you are the reason we keep on writing.

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Reception for Boris Buratović: county prefect promised to support Hvar beekeepers

A reception at the Splitsko-dalmatinska prefecture was hosted yesterday for Boris Buratović from Stari Grad. His honey won awards at several recent competitions.

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We have to admit that none of us here at the portal is a fan of self-promotion. Somehow we always prefer that our actions speak for themselves. Your supportive emails and phone calls mean a lot to us and we hope that in the years to come we will have the strength to keep you interested as well as justify the trust of our audience and the advertisers.
If the number of clicks and statistics provided by Google Analytics are a relevant fact on which to go by, then indeed we have a good reason to be satisfied.
Unfortunately we live in times when branding and self-promotion is an inevitable part of marketing. Profiting from other people’s work is not uncommon in the meadia reality of today so we hope you will forgive us for this following digression from the classical framework of news but we feel obliged to tell you how things really are.
We are trying to portray Hvar outside of the narrow box where we are placed by local, foreign and other media. Why would some prince be in every article of our portal or a number of other portals and why should we have to mention that one pregnant world diva had a swim at Pakleni Otoci!? Just so that Google would rank us better and that Hvar is continually described as a party destination!? No, thank you.

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Handball wiz Vlado Stenzl honorary president of RK Hvar

The name of Vlado Stenzl has for decades been associated with attributes such as ‘’the wiz’’ and ‘’the king of Copenhagen’’ in the handball world. He earned these nicknames by helping the national team of Germany win the gold medal at the World Championship in Copenhagen way back in the 1978.

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First sounds of the Hvar Brass band

Members of the restored town Brass band have gathered in Orlana on Monday March 12th.

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He did it again: Jurišić in the competition of Juniors defends his last year state gold medal in Laser class

He did it again: Filip Jurišić from the sailing club Mornar defended his last year state junior champion title in the Laser class on the Open Championship of Croatia.

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Lent performance by visitors from Metković and klapa St. Juraj in Vrbanj

Vrbanj parish of St. Duh is organizing a three act play about Jesus's last days on Earth (March 25th) and the concert of St. Juraj klapa HRM Split (March 28th).

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Zeleni se Jelsa

Prošper Zaninović poslao nam je slikoviti prikaz s utakmice koja se u 15. kolu Forske otočke nogometne lige odgiravala u nedjelju u Hvaru između Hvara i Jelse.

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Udruženje obrtnika, Offero Prima, Tomislav 1994 i Splitska banka za hvarske ugostitelje

Krenulo se sa pripremom restorana, kafića, slastičarnica i ostalih ugostiteljskih objekata. Vremena je malo a posla i troškova puno.
Udruženje obrtnika otoka Hvara, Offero Prima d.o.o, Tomislav 1994 d.o.o. pripremili su prezentaciju vodećeg software-a za ugostiteljstvo i ORDERMAN terminalne opreme. Sve to popratiti će i Splitska Banka d.d. koja je za hvarske ugostitelje pripremila i posebne pogodnosti.
Više u nastavku teksta, gdje možete pročitati i službenu pozivnicu.

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Secret Hvar

Tourist season is due any time now and it is time for us to present everything that Hvar really is.
Take a peek at best kept secrets of Hvar and discover all we have to offer. Enjoy the latest text from our correspondent Siniša.

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