HVAR FOR ART festival 2.0

Island. Impervious, limited, distant, lonesome, sinking, abandoned in winter, colorful in summer, hungry in spring and serene in autumn. Hvar is all that, when not pampered. That is also how his co-fellows are, scattered in the sea, each one searching for the piece of land it had been broken off from. Obstinate, defiant and unique.Different.An island is an artist. An island is a sculpture on a sea pedestal.

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Hvar Fortress - Virtual tour - Hvar 360

New virtual tour from the heart of Hvar town.
Our photographer FotoFOR made a virtual tour of Hvar harbour and famous Fortica fortress.
Just click on the photo and enter Your ultimate Hvar virtual experience!

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Island Hvar: New bus timetable 2013. sesaon

New Čazmatrans buses timetable is available on the following links.

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Vela Stiniva Hvar virtual tour

New FotoFOR virtual tour. Hvar, Vela Stiniva!

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FotoFOR - Hvar virtual tour

Hvar harbour virtual tour by FotoFOR

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Island Hvar: Bus timetable 2013. sesaon

New bus timetable for Island Hvar season 2013.

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Hvar summer events - event calendar

In the text to follow You can find Hvar event calendar for the season 2013.
This event calendar is provided to us by Hvar Tourist board and covers all the concerts and cultural events organized by the town of Hvar.
It does not include events organized by private companies and local businesses.

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Otok Hvar events

Detail list of events on Island Hvar.
Plan ahead wich one you would visit.

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Happy New Year

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