Cocktail bar Nautica - Hvar

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Coffe & Coctail bar

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Lipi Škoj d.o.o. Luka Miličić


21450 Hvar

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asNautica Bar Hvar is a place for moms with prams, having a business meeting over a cup of coffee, to chill out or party hard over cocktails.

This is more or less how you could describe this popular Hvar club.

It is owned by a Hvar local (originally from Brusje) Luka Miličić! Nautica bar has in the last few years, along with some other well advertised places, become the location which gathers locals as well as Hvar guests. If that old saying which says that you can recognize the quality of a bar if it attracts the locals has any merit, it is clear that Nautica Bar definitely deserves the recommendation we are not affraid to publish.

To clerify what we said in the first sentence of this article, to avoid any confusion, allow us to explain further.

A place for moms with prams? Yes, because this is the only club in town which interior is large enough to accomodate more than 3 tiny tables and chairs. Besides, the central area of the club is empty so moms have somewhere to let their children play or dance to the music which is never too loud.

A place to have a business meeting over coffee? Yes, because the place is big enough to have that sense of privacy so guests at the neighbouring table won’t be listening and poking their noses in your business.

A place to chill out? Yes, because Nautica is positioned by the sea, there are some tables in front of the closed off section where you can (literally) soak your feet in the sea. Spice it all up with the view over the tiny island of Galešnik and the entire Hvar harbour. The sound of waves, whistling of sailboat cables anchoring or leaving their berths, the view on the endless horizon illustrates enough the amount of peace and quiet you can experience chilling at Nautica.

A place to party hard over cocktails? Exactly! Various DJs perform in Nautica during the summer months and coctails flow in rivers. Great fun is a common guest at Hvar Nautica. Finally, if you follow our Hvar NightLIFE section you will probably recognize good time on the photos since a picture is worth a thousand words.

We would especially like to point out the fact that this club is open all year round and that it never lacks content, even in winter months. There are poetry readings, live music, children’s parties, private parties…

Nautica bar, do not miss, definitely a place to visit! Nautica is IN, summer or winter!

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