About the website

This website is brought to you by Offero Prima d.o.o.Offero Prima d.o.o., a company based in Hvar, whose primary activity is computer sales and servicing, and related activities. We have decided to branch out and create the first independent website about Hvar Island.

How can we claim this is the first, when there are heaven knows how many already?

Well, our concept is completely original: nothing like it has been done to date on the island’s various internet pages. Will our site be successful? We hope so. It’s up to you to judge.


Hvar Island is without doubt a special place from many points of view. It is mainly associated with summertime sunshine and beach holidays. We are glad that this is so. However, Hvar has much, much more to offer, and it has been seducing visitors for centuries with its rich cultural and natural heritage. Apart from being the birthplace of outstanding Croatian notables such as Petar Hektorović, Hanibal Lucić, Ivan Vučetić, Antun Dobronić and many others, Hvar Island is home to one of the oldest public theatres in Europe, it boasts the largest paved square in the Mediterranean, and holds hidden treasures in its bosom, such as the Grapčeva cave beyond Jelsa or the Starigrad Plain (Ager or Hora) which has recently come under UNESCO protection.

Why I am writing about all this in the context of "about us"?

It is important to us that you, as welcome visitors to our website and our island, become aware that Hvar as a whole is made up of many important factors, so that you can explore and enjoy it all, together with us. We are presenting you with the island as a whole, not in the more usual style of a disparate collection of remarkable features on one exquisite island which have nothing in common in the outsider’s view. We are offering you an overview of everything of interest on the island, and all in one place.

Is this really something especially new or different from the others?

We think it is, at least in relation to Hvar. Because this is the only website which, apart from news and announcements, brings you information exclusively about Hvar. We will not be delving into national problems, apartment rentals in Croatia as a whole, nor bookings for half the Adriatic coast. We are concentrated solely on this island, covering its business and commercial interests, and its tourist attractions through the island’s own tourist agencies and those offering private accommodation rentals.

A few clicks, and you can find accommodation or where your tyre can be mended, information about the local council offices, or the working hours of a museum or department store. We try to ensure that you have fresh information about the whole of Hvar Island on a daily basis, along with photographs and audio clips from the local radio station. We may even add video clips in the future.

The ultimate aim of this website is to be a small virtual Marketplace (known here as Pjaca, pronounced Piazza, as in Italian), where different generations from around the world can meet. The people of Hvar, their guests, and anyone who loves Hvar can find out about everything that Hvar has to offer. We hope that with time our website will become the ultimate compact information service for Hvar Island, and will earn your support and regular visits - by your free choice, of course.

How the website came to be

After the idea had ‘fermented’ for over a year, and after consultation with Sandra Milatić, co-owner of Offero Prima (who might have opposed it), the time came for putting the project into action, in gradual stages. The first step was a visit to Ivan Zaninović Grande from GranDesign. Together we created the visual identity of the website - and we hope you like it! After Grande had sketched the pages that you are looking at, we came to the second step, a big one, the task of turning a pretty paper picture into megabytes, ones and noughts in programme code, to create the final product. Not an easy job, it took a lot of planning and re-arranging of the crossword puzzles, and often seemed like a futile exercise.

uckily our partners from Virtus Dizajn were on hand and willing to collaborate. Not just the once, as they have followed all our efforts, which are ambitious for an island company. I would like to describe the first among our ‘tigers’, Davor. He is a hyperactive young man with a quick and sharp tongue, always ready for a challenge. Behind him is the voice of reason, his wife Maja. Then Trpimir, the man responsible for putting right all the programming difficulties, and with whom I share a refined taste for what is tasty. Naturally, I must not fail to mention Jelena, the designer who turned the graphic scenario which Ivan and I developed as mental images into smooth, eye-pleasing HTML. It is also important to mention that she took in her stride all the challenges and last-minute changes which I asked her to do. There are more people I could mention, but these are the main facilitators who started the wheels rolling.

The next step was to engage someone to be responsible for including current and interesting news on the website otok-hvar.com on a daily basis. The first and only logical choice was, of course, the local radio station, Free For Radio. Following approval by their director Rosso, discussions continued with the present editor-in-chief, Katija Vučetić. She also has responsibility for correcting all the articles that you can read here, including the detailed punctuation, down to the most minor details.We came to an agreement, with the result that you can read all the news about Hvar Island which is broadcast on FFR’s daily bulletins here, on what I hope is already your favourite website, otok-hvar.com. While you are reading, just click the live stream link to hear the news live from the Hvar studio.

It only remained to ensure fresh, quality photographs. Jakša Kuzmičič, an amateur photographer who contributes to numerous newspapers and websites, is our and your eye. Apart from the news section, most of the photographs on the website are his, including the special gallery ‘Jakša’s ART’, where you can look at, and even buy, some of his photographs of Hvar Island and its famous and less-well-known visitors.

I would like to mention another element in the extended team which has brought this website into being. Professor Mirjana Kolumbić is supplying us with historical sources and texts about Hvar Island’s rich cultural heritage; Professor Stanko Štambuk wrote the texts about agronomy and agriculture on the island; Professor Ranko Avelini is the author of the articles about aspects of life on the island, and the importance of the sea in the lives of the islanders; and Ivan Milatić, student of computer technology, created the tailor-made application for registering the status of the advertisers on the website otok-hvar.com.

So, here we are. I hope I have managed to convey who we are, what we are, and what we hope to achieve through this website. From the heart, I wish you an enjoyable visit, both to the otok-hvar.com website and to the island itself.

Igor Kolumbić, Director, Offero Prima d.o.o.